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Fezekisa Personnel is your premium hub for graduates for various expertise including:

  • ICT & IT
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Administration
  • Call centre

We serve in:

Graduates and students trainees’ recruitment
Advert Response Handling
Recruitment Advertising
Call centre


Specialist recruitment team

Interviews are conducted by professional experienced management team with a diverse knowledge and expertise in d
ifferent industries. We have a strong partnership with most tertiary institutions across the country and their alumni departments.

Excellence counts

At Fezekisa Personnel, we have a database of people who have excelled academically and will fit into the culture of your organization. Job competencies are evaluated to ensure the perfect fit for the advertised position. We place a high premium on integrity and deliver a personalized service through constant communication.

An in-depth understanding of your needs

A recruitment assignment can only be successful if we have an in-depth understanding of your business, the position being applied for and type of person being sought.

We would therefore, set up meetings with key executives and decision-makers, in order to:
Understand in detail the responsibilities, inherent requirements of the job and key performance areas of the position to be filled.
Develop a recruitment specification for the person being sought; this would include the inherent requirements of the job and other characteristics, which are advantageous, e.g. educational background, specific experience, technical competence and personality.

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